Collection: Air-Pot Kits

You have found the place in your yard with ideal sunlight. You have bought all the vegetables you need for the perfect summer salad. You have planted in beautiful ornamental pots that perfectly match your yard decor. But the plants are not responding to your efforts. What is missing?

Even the best-looking pots overlook a core principle of gardening. Everything starts with the roots. Air-Pot® containers are designed to "air-prune" your plant's roots, which help in the following ways:
  • Higher Yield - harvest even more of those delicious fresh summer vegetables
  • Easier Transplant - if you ever decide to plant in-ground, these plants will take off right where they left off

Our garden collection gives you all the sizes you need to grow the backyard (or back-patio) garden of your dreams. Give these pots a try - you won't be sorry.