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Air-Pot Transplant Set

Air-Pot Transplant Set

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If you are looking for a convenient, all-in-one solution to take your plants from propagation to maturity, this is for you!

Air-Pot Prop Cell (x4)
Capacity 1 liter 0.3 gallon
Height 135mm 5.7 "
Outside diameter 100mm 4 "


Air-Pot #3 (x4)
Capacity 9.2 litre 2.4 gallon
Height 275mm 10.8"
Outside diameter 269mm 10.6"


This pack contains the following:

4  Air-Pot Prop Cell (4 bases, 4 walls, 4 small fixings)

4  Air-Pot #3 (4 bases, 4 walls, 8 fixings)

Assembly is required. Please see the Air-Pot Assembly Video for instructions.

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